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  Blissberry SB Love Me Always 5*M

  SS: Wingwood Farm Lucky Tolkien
           ++*B AR2017 ST2017 
S: Blissberry Sonic Boom
  SD: SGCH Blissberry Boom Boom Pow
           4*M  AR2012   LA2016,2013,2012

  DS: Blissberry Sin City
        +*B       AR2017
D: Blissberry Love Me Do
          4*M AR2018         LA2018
  DD: SGCH Blissberry Rock My World
          3*M      AR2011  ST2016  LA2017,2016,2014

DOB: March 2019

2020- 1x Grand, 2x Res Champion

2019 ADGA National Show- 9th Place Sr Kid out of 40

Always was a first freshener in 2021.

Sr Kid


2 yo First Freshener

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