*B Prairie Thyme RG Turbulent
  SS: GCH One*Oak*Hill Medicine Tumult
           ++*B AR2003 ST2004 LA1999, 1998, 1997
S: Kastdemur's Tumultous Ride
         AI *B​    
  SD: GCH Kastdemur's Wicked
           6*M  AR2014    LA2019,2018,2016
  DS: SGCH Lucky*Star's Cai
        +*B       AR2015  ST2016  
D: SGCH Tempo Gracie
          10*M AR2014         LA2014
  DD: SGCH Tempo Evianna
          9*M      AR2009  ST2012  LA2016,2015,2013
DOB: Jan 2020
We were so excited to bring this buck up from Christina Anderson last year and we can't wait for his 2021 babies to hit the ground.