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  Lakeshore Korriander 5*M
  SS: Lakeshore Executive Decision
S: J&R Spirit's Led Try N Stop Me
  SD: J&R Spirit's LFS Try N Make Me
           2*M  AR2008  LA2011,2008
  DS: SG Woest-Hoeve Captain
        *B         LA2014
D: SGCH Lakeshore C Korrina, Korrina
          4*M AR2016         LA2016
  DD: SGCH J&R Spirit's LFS Korrine 
          3*M      AR2013    LA2014,2012,2008
DOB: April 2017
2018- 1x Grand
Daughter of the 2015 ADGA National Champion Junior Doe.
Korri, unfortunately, had a rough kidding which resulted in a c-section in December. She will be dry in 2021.
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